What Social Media Properties are included in my package?

We focus primarily on Facebook Marketing and Management. Facebook followers are very targeted and our original content encourages participation across your fan page.

Do I have to give you my login information?

We prefer to have your login information for Facebook, but if you would prefer to keep that private, you can also make us an admin of your page, which will allow us to post on behalf of you.

Does WilliamCoit.com respond to comments and questions on your Facebook page?

Yes, we respond to questions on Facebook on your behalf. In our initial sign-up, we will ask for general questions and answers to question. If the question is detailed and specific, we will direct them to customer service.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

WilliamCoit.com does allow you to change your package at any time, although changes in your account may take up to a week to be effective.

Can I cancel at any time?

You may cancel your account at any time, however we do require 30 days notice. Once an account is cancelled, WilliamCoit.com will immediately stop posting to your Facebook page.

How long does setup take and what does it involve?

Generally, if you can get the short questionnaire back to us quickly, we can start posting within 2-3 business days.

What will you be posting? 

We will post shareable, branded graphics with your logo and website URL, facts and news about your industry, engaging comments and questions, captivating images and links back to your website, videos or blog when something new comes along. We also invite you to send us post ideas via email to the social media account manager if something new or relevant comes up.

What is a shareable graphic?

A shareable graphic is a design that has your website and company name that we create specifically for your fanpage. It can be an inspiring quote or a funny image. With likes and shares – the images can reach different levels of viral reach, therefore getting you more exposure.

When do you start posting?

We start posting after set-up is complete and we have all your information.

Does WilliamCoit.com create content to post or do I have to give that to you?

WilliamCoit.com will create all the content to post on your pages.  Keep us informed about upcoming events or other things going on with your business so that we can post about them and keep you up to date.

How do you get access to my fanpage?

We will send you simple instructions on how to add us as an editor to your page. It’s very simple.

Can I post interesting things also?

Of course, you can post whatever you want. It’s your fanpage. If you think something is relevant, fun and engaging for your fans, post away. You can also simply email your rep to post the information as well. We have interesting ways to get people to engage with even the simplest news.