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Golf Shoes Clean Atlanta | How to Clean your Golf Shoes Step by Step

Golf shoes protect you in the rain, they tread bunkers, they cross roughs, they border hazards. Golf shoes travel many miles on all types of terrain and sometimes they must do it in adverse conditions. Cleaning them meticulously after each use is essential to make them look perfect.

Below we explain the proper maintenance for golf shoe cleaning. Therefore, it always shows its best appearance and preserve the comfortable fit of the first day. Whatever the model or the brand, taking care of your shoes properly will make you enjoy them in optimal conditions for longer period of time.


REGULAR CLEANING.  Cleaning golf shoes properly after each use is the ideal frequency. However, it also depends on how much you play and the weather conditions that have had to endure. We recommend that you do it at least once a week.

IF THE SHOES ARE OF LEATHER, the cleaning is even more essential. This is the key for the skin to remain soft and ductile, a determining aspect for its durability. When the skin becomes dry and damaged, the shoes begin to leak break.


* Leather, synthetic and textile shoes:

STEP 1 BRUSHING. It is a key habit to remove dirt from the field, such as sand and more visible debris. Use a shoe brush made of natural bristles (ox or pig). They allow the removal of dry mud and other debris that may have remained attached to the skin.

STEP 2 CLEAN. Rub the entire upper part of the shoe with a sponge or cloth lightly moistened in warm soapy water. The soap should be neutral. If you do not have one, use only water to remove grass and mud stains. Try not to moisten too much the shoes, since the excess of humidity can spoil them. Some brands offer their own water-based sprays to perform this step. Another option that we also recommend is a baby wipe.

STEP 3 DRY. Remove the excess water with a dry cloth and then allow the golf shoes to dry at room temperature and naturally. Keep them away from any source of heat and sunlight.

* If your golf shoes are textile, step 3 is the last step of the top cleaning process.

STEP 4 NOURISHE. Perform circular movements with a rag containing small amount of Vaseline throughout the upper part of the shoe. This serves to prevent dryness and has a slight waterproofing effect. The main manufacturers of golf shoes also sell specific lotions for this purpose that soften, moisturize and improve the elasticity of the skin.

* If your golf shoes are synthetic leather, step 4 is the last step of the top cleaning process.

STEP 5 MAKE IT SHINE. While it is true that leather shoes better preserve their appearance and smoothness with a shoe polish, a misuse of this product can greatly harm the appearance of the footwear.

Always choose high quality shoe polish and try to apply just the right amount to exert the desired protective effect to revive the color, cover the scratches, and repair the signs of wear. Doing it once a month may be enough to keep your shoes in perfect condition.

If you do not have time to clean your golf shoes after playing, a simple cleanup is much better than nothing. If you have time to wipe with a damp cloth, dry the shoes with a cloth before storing them.

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